Frequently Asked Questions.

Can anyone join Shopper Shares ?
Yes, all Australians can join Shopper Shares and their are no fees, charges nor age restrictions. 

Why can't I use Shopper Shares as part of my salary once I have exceeded the $32 p/h pay level ?
Shopper Shares, remember is here to help those in need. If your pay grade is this high then your skill level is sufficient for you to live comfortably already.

Can I still earn Shopper Shares by Shopping at Partnered stores ?
Yep, sure can. At the rate of 25% of your spend. You are rewarded this way as our way of saying thanks to those that don't need help, that are helping us.

Why are there only basic items available with Shopper Shares ?
Shopper Shares is designed to help those in need get by. A Stepping Stone platform to help level out our economic disparity. Luxury items must be purchased in the traditional way.

What are the main things that my Shopper Shares can buy ?
Australian Groceries including fruit & veg, meat & seafood. Rent, automobile repairs and possibly rego & insurance. Tradesman, Maintenance Services & Utilities. Clothing, including protection such as Glasses, Sunscreen & Boots. Furnishings including Drapes and Linen. Australian holidays including accommodation and meals. Child and aged care. Sporting Clubs fees & Uniforms & Equipment including Swimming lessons.

When I receive Shopper Shares as a wage or reward where do they go ?
Once you join Shopper Shares your Membership comes with a free secure Share Portfolio held at www.checkoutchick.com.au Any Shopper Shares transactions happen directly within this platform. Wages, Rewards and Purchases. You have 24 hour digital access to your portfolio.

What is the benefit to Companies becoming partnered with Shopper Shares ?
Increased customer loyalty, higher turnover and of course the 241 and 342 salary platforms enabling reduced labor costs.

How does Shopper Shares decide which companies can become a partner ?
Shopper Shares selects their partners very carefully. Firstly they must meet all Australian standards and be under financial pressure. In becoming a Partner, these chosen business will have to change their economic structure. In brief the Australian small and local businesses selected will be in such a position that they will need Shopper Shares to survive and must be in high demand locally and statewide.

Shopper Shares some might say are as good as cash,
We say they're better!

Here's some pointers about Share Points,

Your Employer pays your Shopper Share Points directly into your Portfolio Account.

As Shopper Shares are an essentials currency at 50% or retail. This enables wages to be lowered by half. (This will be explained further).

Your share points may not be used over the first three months of your employment. (If unemployed when you start)

Newstart allowance will need to fill this void during this time.

After that time you will only be able to use the amount of points you earn in that preceding week. (what you've earnt)

This means your Shopper Share portfolio always has a minimum of 3 months of Shopper Share wages in it approximately.

Don't forget Centrelink paid you newstart for 3 months whilst you started work. (you can't double dip)

This becomes your own Superannuation that only you control. (a buffer if and when it's needed)

At first no more than 50% of your weekly hours may be taken in Shopper Share points. This can be negotiated between 25% and 75% after the initial 12 week trial period.

Overtime can be taken in Shopper Shares and this will make weekend wages costs to employers lower

Bundaberg, Queensland is where Shopper Shares would like the first 10 stores.

Shopper Shares can be used to combat crime by encouraging repect and integrity through the rewarding wing of the Shopper Shares Platform.

Regular retailers today will not be impacted and will also enjoy the benefits of Shopper Shares as there will be more customers with money left over each week.

Any Shopper Shares not spent in the week following their pay packet will become an added investment in their Portfolio Account.

Your Share points may be used on almost all essentials including, Groceries, Clothing, Tradesmen, Services, Medicines, Butcher, Mechanic, Rent and more.

Shopper Shares can be used to remunerate staff carrying out services that are today deemed to expensive. Such as Security for night staff arriving and leaving shifts.

All Partnered stores must become or will be NFPO (Not for profit organizations) when partnered. (please note NFPO do make money)

Partnered stores sell their goods or services at retail price which is competitive. 

Their costs are 50% of their retail.

Shopper Shares Members Portfolios are free and transactions are at cost price.
Shopper Shares is a Not For Profit Organisation.

This enables your Employer to have roughly 3 staff for the price of 2 after the initial first 3 months.

During the first 3 months however your employer has 2 staff members for the price 1.

This gives the employer a chance to build the business and ensure sustainability for all.

This is no extra cost to centrelink and will become no cost at all as Shopper Shares grows.

Tobacco, Alcohol and luxury items will not be available through Shopper Shares although at least 50% of your income will be free to use as you please.

The more cash or traditional bank money you elect to be paid the smaller your pay packet will be. Hence the more Shopper Shares you choose to take as your wage the bigger your pay packet is. (I know it's a bit difficult to understand)

This concept has been embraced by members of the public but Politicians don't want to get it.

Share points can only be used with partnered stores/businesses.

When paying by cash or card at a Shopper Shares Partner you earn reward shares as well at a rate of 25% of your spend.

One day we may find that we can even use our Shopper Shares to help thousands fulfill the Aussie Dream.

You cannot earn Shopper Shares when paying with Shopper Shares.

Overtime can be taken as Shopper Shares, and this is encouraged.

Social Members of Shopper Shares are Special and if you're one of these we would like to reward you with $25 for every One hundred dollars you spend. A Thank you for being Great. 

Shopper Shares is the perfect answer to the penalty rates debacle we are hearing about currently.

If penalty rates were all paid as Shopper Shares then wages would be cut in half whilst the Shares buy twice as much in partnered stores as cash does.

If ruled by a court of law your Shopper Share Portfolio may be frozen and you could be suspended from enjoying the benefits of your shares and even the ability to earn them.

Why isn't this happening?

We need our Government at all levels to support a trial in one of our Queensland regional towns. To do this we also need all Australians to offer their support. This can be done by joining our team at  http://www.shoppershares.com.au/members

Simply Smarter Sales & Staffings Solutions,  The Stepping Stone System and Shopper Shares' 241 & 342 Salary Structures are Proprietary
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