Shopper Shares is a Stepping Stone System.

"An action or event that helps one to make progress towards a specified goal"

          As a metaphor, in my eyes the above describes an easier or more sensible way to negotiate a path across, through or forward in your financial life. Where you decide which stones to use and how much they bear the pressure of your steps.

An easier way forward for those that need it. It's no free ride, make no mistake, it is a fortunate way forward for those less fortunate, not for bludgers or lazy wingers looking for handouts, simpathy or an excuse.

See, Fortune and Fortunate are two completely different things. The less fortunate, those unemployed, under appreciated, under Employed, disabled, unskilled, on the wrong path or even over committed. They will have the ability to decide how much of their wage is paid in the Stepping Stone System.

People mentioned above will be embraced by the Shopper Shares System of Simply Smarter Sales & Staffing Solutions.

Those that already have Good Fortune or sitting on one, will simply be inelligable because of that very fact, their fortune, big or small.

The most obvious entry requirement is not Unemployment but your hourly rate and if it exceeds $32 then you're out. Simple as that. 

  • Up to 50% of your wage can be taken in Shopper Shares at first when using our system.
  • What makes this even more impressive is that these Shares are worth twice as much as cash so this increases your Salary.
  • It can also be used to build the business as our economy switches back and forth to help your Employer too.
  • This will be an individual agreement made between Shopper Shares Members and Shopper Shares Partnered Australian businesses.
  • Once you are employed in this system you can negotiate with your employer to increase and decrease this percentage as your financial life grows and diversifies.
  • Your hourly rate cannot exceed $32 in the Shopper Shares System.
  • Not every career and skill set can be incorporated into Shopper Shares and a guide to these restrictions is visable in the hourly rate.
  • You may leave the System at any time, your Employer will benefit either way as will you.
  • 'It costs your Employer half as much for half your pay which buys you twice as much the Shopper Shares way!" 
  • Shopper Shares will be explained in greater detail once officially in the trial stages.
  • Many services will be affordable with Shopper Shares and Loyalty will be key.
  • Growth will literally be a thing of the past, Bringing back affordable jobs with a thrieving economy once more.

           Shopper Shares works by creating a unique loyalty rewards program in Australian regional towns. Shopper Shares is of course, 
"The most Rewarding Shopping Experience on Earth!"
With their ingenious Salary Platforms Employees can enjoy either the 241 or 342 Salary Structures and conversely their Employer can enjoy the same but with the added benefit of unprecedented loyalty. With their very clever “Simply Smarter Sales & Staffing Solutions”, Employees, along with other Members of both Shopper Shares and their respective communities will grow both their desired securities. This of course has side effects, everything has side effects. Regional Communities will thrive, skill levels will rise and unemployment will fall. Mass layoffs will occur in all areas of Government support. There will be a sharp increase in demand for Australian goods and services as manufacturing returns. This will of course create logistical problems and infrastructure will have to keep pace. The need for medical visits along with their prescribed remedies will fall creating a happier more Stable Society. Crime will fall as our hapless find hope. With more money to go round, combined with their unique Salary Structure, home grown Holidays will be back in flavour placing more demand on those services and this will create even more jobs in this area, and so on. It certainly looks like this Shopper Shares is a real pain in the backside, especially for those sitting pretty right now just dreading the advent of something as incredibly simply but yet has such a wide range of Self Satisfying Rewards for each and every Australian, not just the wealthy. 
With the Math already done, Members are all we need!
Shopper Shares is about our right for rewarding employment! a social and financial strategic platform that automatically helps to grow and build an investment in each others future for all Australians earning under $32.00 p/h
Shopper Shares remember are twice as valuable as cash and cost your employer 50% of their value to buy and they can be used on everything that's a necessity in life.
They are also special with special privilages and can be used with Australian businesses that are partnered with Shopper Shares.
Any Australian business can be a Shopper Shares Partner (conditions apply) We don't take profits over people at Shopper Shares, our reward is not financial it's worth much more than that!
If you like Shopper Shares, 
You can make it happen, your Government needs to know that you want the right and opportunity to make a change. It's your life, your future, and it's in your hands.
Do something with those hands and register your name and email address at www.shoppershares.com.au/members
My voice is not loud enough alone!
Unfortunately, Members whom have already joined will have to re register on our new Members page by clicking here.  We were forced to change servers. Our apologies for this inconvenience, but it is worth it and it's easy, Cheers.