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Don't be the odd one out, become part of a team. A team that can make a significant difference.
As we all know, you need a plan, and if you're going to be succesfull, a good one. Shopper Shares has a such a plan and with the hard work done, all they need, is support.
We talk about Gender equality often but what about financial equality. It's equally as important and believe we have the tools nesessary to provide just that.
Recycling is a great idea but doing this to ideas is not so great. We need fresh new ideas. New ways to tackle new problems not old strategies that have simply been rehashed into new ones.
If you're anything like most of us, then you have heaps of these. Luckily we have heaps of these.
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          Shopper Shares is a simple concept that uses wholesale costs to remunerate employees at a retail level. This concept can be implemented within Australian partnered small businesses right across our country. This magical concept builds loyalty, productivity and profits whilst creating opportunities for everybody across all sectors, with of course, the clever reduction of costs. Amazingly, this puts more money into the employee or member’s hands enabling them a better lifestyle, and enabling us a stronger economy which creates further jobs. A reduction in unemployment results in more money going around the economy, consequently this provides strength and stability within our society. As a result of this, secondary flow on effects will drastically help with the social issues we currently face today.
Importantly, Shopper Shares is for all Australians.
More about Shopper Shares
Do you think we need a unique salary platform for future generations to come. It's clear, our elected leaders don't. Our children, the less fortunate and struggling families need a plan a financial strategy that can be used on almost every essential item or service when needed instead of handouts by Centrelink. We're now hearing about Salary Sacrifice, we've been talking about something better than that for years. So if you do, I would like to explain further. Shopper Shares is a slip in and out Salary & Essentials Shopping platform that at anytime you can slip out and when your hourly rate exceeds $32 you must. To slip in it is just as easy.
The above will relieve pressure on Social Services, saving money (less tax burden) and more importantly allow those struggling to be able to use this platform to fight their way out for themselves.
This gives the needy direction and encouragement, a sense of achievement and they earn respect. These are social issues that currently are not being correctly addressed today.
We have finally addressed this consensus of opinion with some, that there is no point getting a job as we are almost better off on Centrelink.
Shopper Shares is the answer to this problem twice over. All we need is a united loud voice to get them to listen.
Before any of the above can happen we need a significant supporter base. This does not commit you to anything. You would be registering support for an innovative concept that could possibly change the lives of millions of Australians and the future of our countries local economy for good.
With Shopper Shares you can only buy Australian goods, manufactured, produced, owned, formulated, prepared and packaged in Australia from a retailer in your regional community at cost price. Services also available including Utilities, car repairs, local events, rent and trades people to name a few. That's how you change Australia, no profit at the end. Just happy, fulfilled and productive lives.
This will have minimal impact on the wealthy as we now won't be a tax burden on them. You can also vary your percentage of old and new money (Shopper Shares) so if you wish you can still shop at exclusive stores, importers, online stores, or international retailers. Just remember you pay what they pay their, you don't get SS rewards and you're not helping yourself. You're helping the wealthy, and they don't need it.
Our Tag “It costs your employer half as much for half your pay which buys you twice as much the Shopper Shares way”.
Each week this salary mentioned above if not used in the week following your pay day it now becomes an investment in your very own Share Portfolio that can go towards your future to be used when you need it most like retirement or on special events and needs like deposits, investments, weddings and even Honeymoons (Australian of course) More on this later.
This concept in no way affects our Capitalist economic system nor will it effect the bottom line in our consumerist culture as what we may see as revenue or tax loss we will make up in savings across the board in every conceivable social problem that we literally throw money at today.
So you greedy little buggers out their, get your hands out of our pockets and off our country.
Unfortunately those that have already joined will have to re register their support again at www.shoppershares.com.au/members my apologies but our old website host was one of those greedy little buggers. There gone.
Lastly, most importantly. Shopper Shares is about sharing. Sharing jobs and opportunity, skills and resources, education and training, knowledge and experience.
So please share, this post, with friends, colleagues and family as this will only happen as a team and we need you to be part of it.

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The Most Rewarding Shopping Experience on Earth!
Shopper Shares needs your support, unity.
The greatest part about our country is our Democracy. People Power, you and I united together, we choose our future and whom leads us there. We, together have incredible power, power to make the changes we want but we can't do it alone.  
To help you save, invest and keep track of your own financial future. No outside influences to worry about. What you earn is yours and here is where you can watch it grow and diverse. 100% confidential and secure as only you will have access.
At Shopper Shares we're going to fix what our leaders can't.

As individuals we are at a loss, but united we have a chance.

Together we're going to build a Social System in rural Australia that will operate within our consumerist culture.

 If only we could unite! 

We could build a more user friendly enviroment for us all.
Not working for others but working for ourselves. Not talking self employment we're working toward and for a brighter future for us all. Our country needs us and most importantly the generations to follow.
We need to unite, there's strength in numbers. We live in a Democracy (people power) I personally am not seeing any people power at all.
We must stop going around in circles and start heading in a clear and decisive direction. One that will lead us to prosperity for all. A sustainable strong path of consistancy is needed for all generations to come.
This is our plan $ Goal. 
What's yours  this year? Maybe you can help.
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